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What does F.T.S. stand for?
We are often asked the question "What does F.T.S. stand for?".

F.T.S. Flooring is named for the initials of our founder Frank T. Sulpizio.  Frank has been in the floor covering business for over 40 years.  In 1990 he founded F.T.S. Flooring Contractors with the idea that he could combine a top quality job with competitive prices.  His dedication to customer satisfaction has lead to a reputation that is unrivaled in the industry.

In 1994 his sons Franko and Tony joined the growing business.  Frank's attention to detail and his desire to serve his customers was ingrained upon the both of them at a very young age.  They learned how to install flooring and how to make the customer happy the right way.

Together the Sulpizio family has nearly 75 years of combined experience in the floor covering industry.  

What does F.T.S. stand for?   To us F.T.S. stands for a job that is done right, at the right price.  It stands for a job that the customer can be satisfied with and it stands for a job that we can be proud of.

Tony, Frank and Franko Sulpizio
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